Tantric Retreats

Love, Sensuality and Awareness

There’s a One Heart Tantra Retreat suitable for any level of experience, from the absolute beginner to the more experienced Tantric.

The best way to learn Tantra is with an experienced Tantric practitioner at a workshop or a retreat. The focus of my Tantric retreats is to provide a safe and nurturing space where you can learn Tantra, foster a deep internal experience, enjoy a spiritual awakening and embark on a unique, transformational journey. Tantric retreats are customised to suit your level of experience, circumstances and desires.

Retreats take place from April to October, in or around Aberfoyle, in the Trossachs, Central Scotland, or elsewhere, by arrangement.

One Heart Tantra Discovery Days

One Heart Tantra Discovery Days offer a wonderful first initiation into the world of Tantra or alternatively can be a more focused exploration for those with more experience. Awareness of energy, connection, sensuality and groundedness are key to this retreat, with the emphasis on expansion, breath and pleasure. You will learn easy-to-use Tantric practises to integrate into your everyday life.

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Tantric Nature Retreat

Nature and Tantra are one and the same. It takes us a while to realise this! For those who love nature and want to experience Tantra, or for those who love Tantra and want to increase their connection to nature, this bespoke retreat is tailored just for you. It’s also perfect for those wishing to have more space, and less Tantra for a first dip into Tantric practise or simply because you have joint priorities and would love to explore the amazing nature of The Trossachs.

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Tantric Massage Retreat

Quite simply one of the most delicious, pleasurable, exciting, mind-blowing, exquisite, sensual, expansive and unforgettable experiences EVER.
​In this retreat you will learn how to create a cocoon of sacred space in which to use the forms of sensual ritual to awaken and explore your sexuality and spirituality: to become deeply acquainted with yourself as a Being that goes beyond the boundaries of mind and body.

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