Discovery Days Retreat

A Gentle Introduction to Tantra

The Discovery Days Retreat is suitable for complete beginners, no previous experience is necessary. Perfect for individuals, couples, partnered participants, friends and groups of 3-4 people.

​For many people the word Tantra sounds very exotic and mysterious, laden with strange and foreign sexual connotations. For some, it sounds exciting. And for some it is terrifying. Actually, there is no reason to be afraid. Believe it or not, Tantra is not just about sex. It’s really all about learning to know yourself and how your life-force energy works.


Learn how to cultivate and play with your precious life force energy and have more choice around what you experience, be that pleasure, ejaculation choices, intimacy, sensuality and connection with yourself, your body, others and the world in general. It’s a journey of discovery about YOURSELF.

One Heart Tantra Discovery Days are a gentle and fun introduction into the world of Tantra. A safe and supported exploration where misunderstanding and fear are replaced with clarity and understanding.

‘The most amazing experience! We both agreed that it was one of the best investments we ever made together.’

Ann, Couples Discovery Day Retreat

A Fun, Light and Joyful Adventure

This retreat is an exciting and enjoyable way to discover Tantra. It is an opportunity to learn how Tantric practices can enrich every aspect of your daily life.

​​Whatever your level of personal ability, you will find something in this Discovery Days Retreat that enhances and increases your well-being and widens your horizons.

You will take away some powerful tools to use day-to-day, you’ll feel more connected with your inner power and you’ll feel a sense of joy and oneness with others and with the world.

What gives Lynn the edge is she demonstrates by doing, and she explains everything slowly. Lynn is also very smart emotionally, she can read concerns in a snap, and deals with them there and then.

Ian & Bernice, Couples Discovery Day Retreat

Discovery Days Retreat Prices

The prices provided below are for tuition only, and do not include accommodation and meals. To learn more about hotels and restaurants in the surrounding area, please visit the Local Area page.

  • One Day | 6 Hours Tuition
  • 1.5 Days | 9 Hours Tuition
  • One Day | 6 Hours Tuition
  • 1.5 Days | 9 Hours Tuition

Actual costs will depend on your itinerary and what you wish to include. Contact me for prices if you are group of 3-4 persons.

To book a retreat, complete the contact form along with any questions, and I will be delighted to respond with suggestions and dates. Be sure to read through the Terms & Conditions before booking.
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