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One of the most common questions I’m asked is  – where can I find more information?

Here you’ll find some extra resources to help you explore and understand a little more about Tantra: as well as videos, podcasts, and reviews, some book recommendations, teachers and friends that I trust and love.

Radio and Podcast Interviews

Below are a series of talks. interviews and podcast discussions around the subjects of Tantra, sexuality, Kundalini energy and relationships.

If you would like me to take part in an event, conference, podcast or radio show, please send dates and details of your project to onehearttantra@gmail.com, or via the Contact Form.

Event and Workshop Reviews

A review by Robin, who attended a One Heart Tantra ‘Womans’ Workshop’ event in An Sanctoir, West Cork. 

My curiosity was piqued when a close friend invited me to attend ‘One Heart Tantra: Discovery Day for Women’ with her.  It was advertised as an introductory workshop, offering “a chance to explore tantric energetic practices in a gentle, fun and supported environment.”

The workshop was facilitated by Lynn Paterson.  I was undecided about whether or not to go until I read the following insights on her facebook event page:

“As we clear away the old hurts and wounds, the body and mind heals and re-patterns itself from the conditioning and beliefs that our body and sensual pleasure is bad, and that spirituality has to involve a denial of our sexuality. Your body is the doorway to great joy, peace and love!”

Instinctively I have always felt this to be true.”  Read More ..


Opening the Door to Sacred Intimacy – Excerpts from a presentation on Tantra Massage, Dublin, Jan 21st, 2012.

Ultimate Tantra Summit – Excerpts from an interview with the Tantra Summit team, 2014.

Rite of Passage. An insightful conversation about Tantra and Menopause.  Interview with Michela Sborchia and Lynn Paterson, February 2024.

Guided Meditations

Designed to waken your sexual, creative energy, clear the throat and sacral chakras and integrate your sexual and spiritual aspects. This meditation also uses a technique designed to help you align with your core essence, your Divine Self.

Each time we connect with ourselves fully and come into the body more deeply, we experience intensity and pleasure;  we become open to receiving inspiration, love and grace in our lives.

Contact me to purchase and download this powerful meditation in MP3 format.

Tantra Professionals

I partner and work alongside wonderful teachers, some of the most skilled and experienced practitioners in their field. Links below to their websites.

John Fraser | Everybody Loves | loveandsexcoaching.co.uk

Somatic Sex Therapy,  Sexological Bodywork, Tantra and Intimacy Coaching in Glasgow, Scotland for Individuals and Couples.

Mukti | Kali Tantric Massage | kalitantra.co.uk

Relaxing massage, Tantra, Kundalini flow, Ayurvedic and Thai massage techniques and Shamanic practices, to support exploration, awakening, transformation and integration of sensuality and spirituality.

Hummingbird Wing | hummingbirdwing.co.uk

Located in Glasgow’s Southside, Hummingbird Wing work with energy in healing ways such as spiritual connection, using gentle, sensual, & loving massage techniques, and talking therapies

Sacred Mirror Tantra | 0894 413 309 | sacredmirrortantra@gmail.com

Based in Enniskillen, Ireland, Miranda is a Tantric Therapist specialising in bodywork, breath work, ritual and the power of conscious sexuality. She helps her clients to transform their intimate lives and journey towards deeper awareness and growth. Miranda’s sessions are open to individuals and couples.