Tantric Training

Becoming a Tantric Practioner

Humanity is undergoing many changes and challenges at this time and there’s a growing pressure to evolve beyond our usual comfort zones and conditioning.

A major part of this growth is centred on our relationship with ourselves and those we are intimately involved with. A greater acceptance of our body and our sexuality can actually heal many inner splits and traumas, helping us experience inner wholeness and beauty for the first time. When we open to pleasure and conscious touch, and integrate our breath, sexuality and spirituality, we regain innocence and joy naturally. We feel more in harmony with Spirit and Nature.

Experience a profound spiritual awakening through Tantra!

My intention with One Heart Tantra is to teach the empowering experience of the truth of love and marry the individual with a direct experience of their own essence as a divine being. Through the heart, not the mind or mind-centred rituals, we arrive at wholeness and peace. Only then are we able to demonstrate this to others and be an instrument of change in the world.

If you feel called to honour yourself and serve in this way, I offer flexible options for Tantric Practitioner training and support.

  • Tantra Massage training
  • Specialist courses (i.e. yoni mapping) for existing Tantra therapists
  • Consultation and mentoring for qualifying or existing Tantric therapists
  • Private and group class formats
  • Apprenticeships for individualised training and development.

Please feel free to book a ‘My Calling Consultation’ via the Contact Form. We can have a quick chat to help you decide if working with me to become a Tantric Practitioner is right for you.

It’s now 9 years since I completed my one-on-one Tantra Massage and Coaching training with Lynn. I’ve been in professional practice since then. I feel so much gratitude to Lynn for the depth and breadth of the training, which was superb, and the encouragement to take that leap into starting my own practice. Since then, the transformations I’ve seen in my clients as a result of doing this work have at times been truly profound. If you think you may have a calling to this sacred work I highly recommend that you book a ‘My Calling’ consultation with Lynn to discuss. I feel so blessed and grateful for having had the opportunity to train with her and for the ripple effect that’s still going strong all these years later.

Abi O’Donovan, Ireland

Becoming a Tantric Practioner

Tantric Massage Level 1

This 7-day course is available in private, small and large group training formats, both residential and non-residential. Whichever you opt for, it is an intense, magical, life-changing retreat – far more than just training!

Additional Training For Tantra Professionals

I have many years experience of offering a sexual/spiritual professional practise and would be delighted to assist you in your own practise and offerings.  It’s a challenging field to work in and there is room for much misunderstanding and confusion!  I can help you to stay in alignment with your highest service.

I offer a wide-range of development teachings and support to help you in your professional practise.  This can take you and your clients to a deeper levels of work very quickly.

  • Energy Clearing + Alignment

  • Tantric Massage
  • Tantric Rituals
  • Breath Work and Body Work
  • Energy Healing + Integration
  • Tantric Coaching
  • Yoni/Lingum Touch

  • Emotional Release Techniques
  • Kundalini Reiki Attunements
  • Kundalini Energy
  • Yoni Mapping
  • Angels, Plant Spirits, Crystals

Training, mentoring and consultation sessions are available for the above skills and disciplines. Some subjects can be combined into a single session, depending on the practioners’ level of expertise.