Tantric Nature Retreat

Nourishment and Connection

N​ature and Tantra are one and the same, it takes us a while to realise this! For those who love nature and want to experience Tantra, or for those who love Tantra and want to increase their connection to nature, this retreat is for you.

Tantric practise combined with connecting to nature can be a shamanic experience, teaching us how to become fully grounded and present in the ‘now’.  As our life force energy connects with the source, with nature, we experience an awakening, a new sense of freedom and complete bliss.

This retreat is suitable for complete beginners – no previous experience necessary- and is open to everyone (solo, partnered or friend participants).

A wonderful retreat, I really loved the variation of learning about Tantra, experiencing embodiment practices and connecting to nature in beautiful Scotland. Lynn is very warm and welcoming and shares her knowledge and insights with genuine warmth. We’d happily visit every year!

David & Alison, Tantric Nature Retreat

Outdoor Activities

The Tantric aspect of your retreat can include anything from the other retreats plus the type of nature time you’d like.

  • Visit waterfalls
  • Meditate in nature
  • Hike along forest tracks
  • Stop into a cosy tearoom
  • Visit a sacred site, such as stone circles or Roslyn Chapel
  • Visit the local horse sanctuary, Equine Rehabilitation and Re-homing, where you can connect with the horses who have their own stories to tell
  • Pony trekking
  • Kayaking
  • Cycling
  • Munro bagging
  • Tantric Rituals, Breath-work, Touch, Massage, Energy Awareness
  • Foraging, Meditation, Mindfulness, Wild Swimming, Communication
  • Grounded, easy to learn and fun exercises for effective and enjoyable growth practices.
  •  Complete our day with dinner out together at a local pub or restaurant.

*Availability of additional activities are dependent the time of year and local conditions..

Tantric Nature Retreat Prices

The prices below serve as an illustration for coaching and guidance, as well as accompanied outdoor activities. If you’d like to have a tantra massage, there will be an extra fee. You can come for a day, or you can stay for up to a week.

Please keep in mind that accommodation and meals are not included in the rates listed. To learn more about hotels and restaurants in the surrounding area, visit the Local Area page.

  • One Day
    3 Hours Tuition | 2 Hours Outside
  • Two Days
    6 Hours Tuition | 4 Hours Outside
  • One Day
    3 Hours Tuition | 2 Hours Outside
  • Two Days
    6 Hours Tuition | 4 Hours Outside

Complete the contact form to register your interest in booking a retreat along with any questions or details, and I will be delighted to respond with suggestions and dates. Please read our Terms & Conditions prior to booking.