Tantric Massage Retreat

Explore Sensuality and Spirituality

At a crossroads in your life or relationship?  Fed up with a lack of intimacy and yearning for something deeper and more satisfying?

There’s a journey into Tantra Massage waiting for you. In this Tantric Massage Retreat you will learn how to create a cocoon of sacred space and use sensual rituals to awaken and explore your sexuality and spirituality. You’ll become deeply acquainted with yourself as a Being that goes beyond the boundaries of mind and body.

Quite simply one of the most delicious, pleasurable, exciting, mind-blowing, exquisite, sensual, expansive and unforgettable experiences EVER.

Sacred Union

We explore intimacy and sensual touch in a Tantric way, to create a practise of massage and beautiful rituals, including:

  • Honouring ritual.
  • Conscious directed breath.
  • Eye gazing ritual.
  • Connecting and grounding energy to become fully present.
  • Sensual massage strokes and touch, to heighten energy and clear channels.
  • Yoni or Lingam Massage.
  • The importance of giving and receiving without expectation.
  • The importance of boundaries and consent.

And much more besides. And did I mention we have fun too?

You will find it easy to replicate what you’ve learned at home. All the rituals can be practised as stand-alone or in combination with other rituals and/or love-making. A PDF manual is included with the massage strokes illustrated.

My partner and I are delighted with the new techniques we learned and have easily replicated them at home which is testament to Lynn’s teaching ability.

Jill & Peter, Couples Massage Retreat

I always work within your comfort zone and your boundaries are always respected.  Most people are nervous at the outset, but we soon relax into the day and by the end of our time together you will be amazed at how far you’ve come!

This retreat is a deep dive into Tantric practise with nudity and sexual touch being an integral aspect of this retreat.

Open to couples with or without previous experience. Individuals may require previous experience with me, i.e. private session work or Discovery Day Retreat.

Pleasure is not frivolous. It guides, instructs, unfolds creativity, and educates. Each glorious inch of your body is yours to use for your fulfilment. If you choose the path of pleasure, the universe will respond to you in a very positive way. Pleasure gives you clarity, it refreshes and rejuvenates, and it keeps you ahead of the curve.

Mama Gena

Tantric Massage Retreat Prices

To book or enquire about a Tantric Massage Retreat, complete the contact form with questions and details of preferred dates,  and I will be delighted to respond with suggestions and availability.

  • Two Days | 15 Hours Intense Tuition
  • Three Days | 15 Hours Tuition
  • Two Days | 15 Hours Intense Tuition
  • Three Days | 15 Hours Tuition

Accommodation and meals are extra, take a look at the Local Area page for information. Please read our Terms & Conditions prior to booking.